The Story Behind That Mum Moment


Hi, I’m Jenna the mum behind that moment. I design bright, bold cards that put smiles on faces. Think vibrant patterns, leopard print, parenting humour, lots of good vibes and a little bad language thrown in (just don’t tell my dad).

I started That Mum Moment in 2018 after having my daughter a year earlier. Being such an independent person, motherhood hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was trying to navigate the new me after becoming ‘mum’ and I desperately wanted a creative outlet. I noticed that being a mum can feel quite lonely and isolating at times. I realised that if I felt this way, then others possibly would too.

Getting shit started

It took me six months to build up the courage after I had the idea for That Mum Moment. I joined The Business School, an online course run by Ceri Gillet who now helps mums via the fantastic social enterprise Mubo. The weekly tasks, online group and accountability really spurred me on and I was more enthusiastic than ever.

Fast forward to today and hundreds of greeting cards by That Mum Moment have put smiles on face up and down the country.

The reality of parenting

I named the brand after those times I really felt like a proper mum and had “that mum moment’. You know the times. You’re kicking off about someone parking in a mother and baby space, discussing sleepless nights with friends or eating leftover fish fingers from a Peppa Pig plate. From those moments came my collection of brightly coloured cards, all inspired by the reality of parenting along with fashion and Instagram.

We're all in this together

I want to bring friends together. Knowing someone out there has your back and you can talk to them when you’re feeling shit is priceless. A Whatsapp is great but nothing’s better  than receiving a card or gift in the post, knowing how much effort your mate has gone to, to choose a card, buy a stamp and actually remember your address.

Giving me all the feels

Imagining the smile on people’s faces when they receive one of my cards gives me all the feels. I’m a softie at heart and adore the thought that something as simple as a card will strengthen friendships and make such a difference to someone’s day.