The real reason why I decided to relaunch That Mum Moment

I have a secret to share. I hadn’t planned to relaunch That Mum Moment in 2020. Back in January I had a part-time job alongside some consultancy work to focus on amongst family life. But that all came crashing down just before the dreaded COVID hit us. I lost my part-time job because they decided it wasn’t working for the company. As someone who has always loved having a career I was devastated and felt really let down. Following lockdown I’d become self-employed (sort of) while looking after a three year-old five days a week.

I started That Mum Moment back in 2018 when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with motherhood and I needed a creative outlet. Similarly, I turned to it again when lockdown hit us. I loved focusing on some positivity and getting the good vibes out there during a shitty time.

It was then that I decided to give That Mum Moment a makeover. Having worked in marketing for over 15 years I decided to apply my skills to my little brand and see where I could take it. 

Without childcare, it was tough. I’m not one of these people who can work into the night all hours so finding pockets of time and lots of time on my phone here and there I got to work. Once lockdown was lifted I had extra help from grandparents (thank you!) and nursery.

So - That Mum Moment is finally live! I’m really proud to say I actually hit my launch deadline, but I couldn’t have done it without coaching from Jenna Folarin. She’s really kept me on track and she always asks the hard questions! The whole process has been such a huge learning curve, but I couldn’t be happier to have a new look that reflects the future of That Mum Moment.

Over the last three months there have been quite a few changes:

  • There's a brand new logo for That Mum Moment
  • The brand and collection is full of colour!
  • I designed a new collection of cards and wall prints
  • Budget was tight so I photographed everything myself (photographers, please don’t judge me)
  • Launched my own website to avoid the pesky etsy fees and taught myself how to use Shopify
  • I did a lot of writing (something I love)
  • Got over myself and decided to focus on progress rather than perfection. 

After sharing some sneak peeks along the way I’m so happy I can finally share everything with you. I’m even more excited for you to receive your goodies and your friends to read your lovely messages. It’s safe to say we all need some extra good vibes and friendships this year.

During September I’m offering subscribers a free A5 wall print worth £7.50 on all orders over £10.00. You can sign up on the homepage to get your freebie. I’ll be sending a monthly email, mainly to remind you of the birthdays or events you have coming up and to make you look like an awesome friend for remembering.

If you’ve made it to the end I’m so glad you’ve stuck around. Thanks for popping over to the new website and don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter.