Team No Sleep (Who needs 8 hours anyway?)

I recently read that new parents lose 44 days of sleep in the first year of a child's life. I’d argue that for some it’s more but I’m too bloody tired.

I created the Team No Sleep card to show solidarity among parents, if you're getting less than 8 hours, then you're in the team! Not that it's anything to celebrate, sleep deprivation as a new parent can have a major impact on your emotional well being. But it’s real and happens to a lot of us. It’s weird how we adapt and so sad that we never appreciated the sleep we had before kids *sob*


Team No Sleep was inspired by my own experience with a baby who decided sleep was for the weak and for a good while now, 5am has been considered a great time to wake up. Even Cbeebies considers this as night time and Mr bloody Tumble doesn’t even show his face until 6am. Thank god for Netflix and Peppa Pig.


I remember being on a hen weekend in my early twenties and one rather excitable hen dressed in a feather boa, penis straw in hand kept chanting ‘sleeping is cheating.’ UUuuummm no Janet (that’s not really her name), it’s not, it’s an essential time to heal and repair our bodies. Plus I fucking love being wrapped up in a snugly duvet without waking up to an alarm, all refreshed ready for more Prosecco and naked butlers. Those were the days. The only feather boa I’ve seen in the last three years has been in Baby Sensory.

That said, the chatter around kids not sleeping is a great way to form bonds with people. I’ve met some of my favourite people on Instagram at 5am as we bitch about having to watch another episode of Hey Duggee or Peppa Pig. And when I do finally make it back to Ibiza with my uni pals my sleep deprivation will most definitely come in handy.