Behind the Business: Sara Vickery-Bragg Founder of Seventeen Minutes


This month I'm really pleased that Sara agreed to be part of my 'Behind the Business' feature. Sara runs a small gifting company called Seventeen Minutes which has been incredibly busy this year and no doubt will be even crazier going into the Christmas period. I've been following Sara's journey from the very beginning and I love how honest she is about the struggles of small business life balanced with being a mum. 

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Sara, a mum of two and I'm the founder of a small gift box business called Seventeen Minutes. I live in North London, about 10 minutes away from where I grew up. These days I'm a bit of an Instagram addict as I use it so much to build my business. I'm also an avid biscuit eater, hot tea drinker, and love a good Netflix binge.

How did you come up with the idea of Seventeen Minutes?

The business actually started as a self-care subscription box but I quickly realised most women were gifting the box to others so I launched some curated gift boxes. The business has grown organically from there and now includes bespoke gift boxes too. The message behind all our gifts has remained the same - to encourage people to take time for themselves. Sometimes when you're having a bad day, just 5 minutes with a cup of tea makes a difference. That's the thought behind all our products, they have all been chosen to help the recipient enjoy some me-time and unwind.

What’s your secret tip on juggling motherhood and business?

Ha, I don't have one! I'm still figuring that out. Something that has helped me recently is to turn off notifications, especially emails and order notifications. Now when I'm with my children, I'm not distracted by my phone or checking anything that comes in. It helps me be more present with them and I'm enjoying the quality time together more.

If you had to recommend one podcast or book for mums in business what would it be?

The best podcast I've come across is Amanda Perry's. It's full of brilliant tips and advice for growing your online business. She's spoken to lots of founders I really admire. And they tend to be around 20 minutes long which is perfect for me to listen to when I'm packing orders or sorting stock out.

Share your most memorable ‘mum moment’ - good or bad!

So many to choose from but one that will always be etched in to my memory is the moment my son came to visit me in hospital when I'd just had my daughter. He was just 2 but he suddenly seemed like such a big boy. He climbed on to the bed and gave us both a huge cuddle before kissing his new sister on the forehead. Those kind of moments melt my heart and make up for all the hard stuff.