Behind the Business: Ceri Gillet CEO & Founder of Mubo


When I launched the website it was important that I used the space to promote women in business, mums in particular. Once a month I'll be sharing a chat with another amazing woman who I've come admired in my business journey.

My first 'guest' is Ceri Gillet. She's been a huge supporter of That Mum Moment from the very beginning and she's on a mission to help so many other mums get their business up and running with her social enterprise Mubo.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Ceri. I’ve been self employed for nearly fifteen years!!! I left the very corporate scene about five years ago when I became a mum for the first time to Fred. I’m a certified business coach but I hate the coaching industry. I hate TV but love the real housewives of anywhere. I am happiest in the deep deep countryside and I love to laugh, a lot. If it isn’t fun, life is too short.

How did you come up with the idea of Mubo?

When I had Fred my partner James, decided to sell his hotel business and didn’t really know what he wanted to do. He’d always said he wanted to set up a small catering business that would keep him out of the restaurant industry but still fit with his love of cooking. I’d been watching a lot of Youtube and the whole street food scene was just starting to get some momentum in Wales so we went in together and launched a business.

I had years of business experience but suddenly, with a new baby and very little sleep, I didn’t feel so confident about setting up this business. I felt like I wanted someone to hold my hand and tell me I could do it and I couldn’t find that thing. I went down all the usual routes, I was shocked to find a lack of online resources at a local level. I was irritated to be asked to leave my child at home & I was quite put off by the high price machine that is ‘the business coaching’ industry.

I wanted to do something different so with Fred heading off to school and the catering company being at a far more established stage I decided to jump in and go for it. I won’t stop until our free courses are offered all across the UK by business support organisations.

What’s your secret tip on juggling motherhood and business?

Probably that there is no secret to it. Someone told me years ago that if I wanted to get anywhere I needed to stop looking for balance, because balance is a myth and I think it’s true. Some weeks the business is chaotic and it needs me. Some weeks everything at home goes swimmingly. Motherhood and business is like a see-saw. When one part is up, the other is down but it rarely stays that way. When I stopped trying to balance it all and realised it was more of a movement it all got easier. Oh and really, really let go of the perfected notions you have of what work and business look like, because whatever yours looks like is just fine.

If you had to recommend one podcast or book for mums in business what would it be?

Two years ago I was seriously overwhelmed and stagnant in my business. I read somewhere that you should jot down what you do in a day and I realised I was consuming everything and producing NOTHING. I think many of us can rely so heavily on the teachings, opinions and values of others we lose sight of what we want and what our own voice is so I've actually curbed what I listen to and read in an effort to remember what my own thoughts are. BUT - if you feel a little lost in it all and you don’t know what to do next read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (and the podcast that goes with it)  You will find something in there for you.

Share your most memorable ‘mum moment’ - good or bad!

I have spent the last five years feeling guilty most of the time. I mostly feel like I am a terrible mother because I really love and prioritise what I do. I’ve wondered what Fred will remember of his early years being dragged around by me to events, playing in the office while I work. I was in the car with him a month ago and he said to me ‘Mum, when I start my business it’s going to be….’ and proceeded to reel off his full idea for a business that sells snacks for kids in cars. It might need a bit of polishing but I realised that all that guilt was useless and well ignored because despite it, I’d continued to do what makes me the happiest most fulfilled version of me and that version of me is the best mother for my child. It might not always look perfect, I might not always get it right but it’s OK.

I'm so thankful to Ceri for taking the time to be a part of That Mum Moment. Go and give Ceri and Mubo some Instagram love if you don't follow already.